About Us

Company Overview

Talitakomi (Pty) Ltd is a 100% Black owned company driven by a young dynamic innovative and well experienced combination of professionals in the field of Built Environment who strongly share the same vision that strives to shape the world and co-ordination that defines prowess and success.

The company has been operating in the construction space for more than 4 years, through the years of shared project initiatives and developments the company has stick to exist for so long.

We at Talitakomi pride ourselves with our expertise in construction and civil work.

The company has maintained its professionalism, management principles and values and has more than 4 years of experience in the industry.

The company has put forth a clear strategy of using its collective skills and understanding of the market to develop a unique value proposition to clients’ needs.


To provide innovative planning, Design and Management in the Green Eco Systems of the Built Environment, with Design Principles driven by Socio-Economics


To appoint the architectural and construction Industry Enlarge in the context of exceptionally strong and rewarding interpersonal-client relationships by upholding principles of excellent designs, ensuring quality of construction and effective function.


To provide Quality, Loyalty, Professionalism and to acknowledge the environment evolution and the project vision.
Constructive Relationship – We always ensure that we build continuous Relationships.
Creativity and Innovation – Creating unique and innovative designs for clients.
Sustainability – Enforce operating systems, best practices adaptability and continuing improvement of all components